Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A day with the Prenter Water Project

Last week I spent a day with Glenn, Matt, and Maria Lambert to help deliver barrels as part of the Prenter Water Project.

Here is a summary from their website:

The Prenter Water Fund came together in the Summer of 2008 a few months after residents of Prenter Hollow found out that the ground water they had used and depended on for generations had been contaminated by coal slurry injections.  With high illness rates and a lack of government willingness to help, the people decided to get clean water themselves.  With a water truck and storage containers at each house, the people of Prenter will have clean drinking water until a water line can be laid through Prenter Hollow.

Aurora Lights developed some educational pages about Prenter water quality to integrate into our CD release.  I also decided to go along for a day to help deliver barrels and get to meet folks in the community.  Here are some pictures from the journey:

Here is the map Maria drew for us showing us where the barrels needed to be delivered.  Even after living in West Virginia for eight years, it is still remarkable to me how well folks know their local geography and their neighbors.  

On the road with Matt and Glen.  They have been on the road delivering barrels to residents who have requested immediate access to clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, etc.  

We set up a hand pump for each barrel that we deliver, so that it will be easier for residents to access their water.  I got the hang of putting them together by the end of the day.

Glen can bust them out really fast, even with cold fingers and creative tools.

Folks were really excited to get their barrel, even if there isn't water in it yet!  
Here is Barbara Sebok with her barrel.

Residents complain of water that is literally black when they leave home and return after a few days.  Even with the water running constantly, check out the water in the back of this toilet.

Evening came early, with still more barrels to deliver.  Here Matt is putting together a hand pump.

If you are interested in getting involved, please check out the Prenter Water Fund website, where you can contact participants or give a much appreciated donation.

By Jen Osha


Anonymous said...

Do these poor folks have any legal representation? I have read several stories about this terrible tradegy and wrongdoing but I have never read a word about anyone pursuing any legal claims for them. What gives with that?

Jen and Sam said...

A big part of the problem is being able to prove who is at fault, as well as the actual time frame when the water was polluted.