Monday, July 16, 2007

The Campaign House - Where Everyday is an Adventure

Today, many people put a lot of energy towards getting ready for Kennedy's visit to Rock Creek tomorrow. We wanted to prepare a meal for him and his crew that came directly from the land that he was helping us to stand up for.

Becky picking Basil in the garden.

Nathan's fudge in the cool down stage.

Nathan is the resident fudge expert. This is an action shot of him putting it into the pan.

Rhubarb and raspberries from...

Ed and Debbie's garden!

Rhurbarb and rapsberry pies.

The finished pies.

The beginning stages of lasagna.

This is how more lasagna ingredients arrived. Thanks, Dustin!

Becky and her potato salad.

Community effort in the clean-up stage of cooking. Thanks, Julia!

Nathan and Dustin doing more dishes.

Bobby and his new haircut!


Anonymous said...

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TBielawa said...

Nice Cut Bobby!

Patchoulimoon said...

Beautiful work everyone! Those pies look scrumptious!