Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kayford Mountain as viewed from Rock House

Last Sunday Allen took Sam and I up Rock House to see Kayford mountain and the MTR sites surrounding it from an entirely different angle. What follows are the pictures we have so far. Video will be up in a few days.

Allen and Jen standing on a drill bench site in Rock House facing East towards Kayford.

Looking at a haul road on the Red Warrior strip owned by Catanary Coal. The hump on the ridge to the right is where the Stanley Heirs cabins are. When they are finished, the entire area between where we are standing and the cabins will be flat.

A valley fill on the Seng Creek side of Catanary mines. The green area has been hydro-seeded. A massive flood in 2002 originated from this area.

Pictures from Kayford Mountain

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photos taken by Sam McCreery and David Bennett


peter slavin said...

Photos of Kayford unlike any I've seen in past 10 years. Good for you for taking the trouble to get these original shots. They are even more harrowing than the usual ones.

bluemountainmama said...

i still haven't made it to kayford mountain, but have met larry gibson. keep up the fight to stop the atrocity that is MTR!