Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kennedy's Speech

On July 17th, Robert Kennedy, Jr, came to the church in Rock Creek, West Virginia to give a speech. The campaign house cooked a dinner for him and the church house was packed with local people interested in what he had to say.

The speech started around 6pm and Kennedy spoke for about an hour and then spent a long time answering questions from the audience.

“He did a good job connecting environmental destruction and pollution as criminal acts. If you pollute the air and child gets asthma it should be considered child abuse. If you pollute the water and people get sick, it should be considered human rights abuse. It’s a pretty simple statement, but it’s not being done.”
-Bobby Mitchell

"Kennedy is a man who speaks truth to power. He doesn't pull any punches. I really respect how he truly uses his voice in our society to speak for the land and the people who usually aren't heard. It's inspiring to see a man with such speaking power who doesn't just use it for himself."
-Jen Osha

“Mr. Kennedy’s visit was a great moral booster. Good to know that there are people who care about what’s happening here and aren’t ready to sacrifice the people and the region for coal.”
-Vernon Haltom

“I was glad to here Kennedy address the issue of jobs in the area and how it’s the government’s responsibility to provide transitional funds for families who depend on surface mining for a living when mountaintop removal is phased out.”
-Sarah Haltom

"Thanks Mr. Kennedy for telling it like it is and not leaving anyone out.
He really hit home when he says a journalist isn't supposed to write about sides, its about the truth and not a balanced story."
Patty Sebok

Preparing food before the speech.

The parking lot filled up quickly. Bobby was in charge of organizing the cars.

Gathering in front of the church before the speech.

Debbie Wiley gave the introduction.

Kennedy speaking...he got some good shouts and hollers from the community!

Thank you, Bobby!

A link to an article about Kennedy's book "Crimes Against Nature"

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